The ancient datalore tells of the legendary Post-Humans, beings that  built this world at the height of their power, science, and hubris. But when living  gods abandon their creation, what becomes of it? We are what is left: Scattered survivors and scavengers  with no purpose but that which we make for ourselves.

In the world of the Matroshka, that will have to do.

About Zone Raiders


Deadly Skirmishes of the Post-Singularity

Zone Raiders is a tabletop miniatures skirmish game set in a far future of desperate survival. Lost within a vast megastructure, scattered tribes struggle to unlock the secrets of their world.


Dynamic Rules

Face off against other players or cooperative AI in thrilling narrative campaigns or single games, employing exotic weapons and technologies in a tactical mobility-focused rule set.


Customize your Forces

As a model-agnostic game, you create your own unique force of Zone Raiders, developing their abilities and growing  narrative through ever-changing campaigns with other players.

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